LARP Out of Character

The Characters that bring LARP alive


We talk to LARPers out-of-character and see how the character of those LARPers makes LARP what it is.  Interviews, Panels, Presentations, Discussions – Lets find out what inspires LARPers and LARP writers.


NELCO 2013

See all the interviews from NELCO 2013, or see the interviewees compiled answers for each our 3 LARP Questions:

  1. How Do You Define LARP?
  2. LARP: Art or Game?
  3. What Makes a Good Character?

NELCO 2014 

Panels, Presentations and Discussions from NELCO 2014 on a variety of topics:

  1. So you want to write a LARP (Theater LARP Writing 101)
  2. When Theater and Boffer Collide
  3. What Live Action Roleplaying Games Do Well
  4. Stuffing: Making Sure the LARP you Wrote is the LARP they Get
  5. Designing LARPs for Repeat Players
  6. Introduction to Foreign LARP
  7. The Future of LARP
  8. Describing LARP Mechanics & Rules
  9. GM Services: What Services Could we Provide to Support LARP?
  10. 5 Plots Every LARP Should Have

Coming soon:

  • Interviews from Intercon O (2015)
  • Discussions and Presentations from NELCO 2015


See all the most recent posts.


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