Traditionally at LARPS, the GMs do everything needed to make a game happen (except costuming which is traditionally delegated to players).  At Intercon and other  mini-LARP weekends,  two tasks are handled “horizontally” by the event organizers (space booking, and player sign-up).  Are there other things that might be turned into services?  A pool of run-time GMs; Set-making services; centralized casting; an NPC pool; Printing & Typesetting; Game Photos; LARP boxing services?

After an open brainstorming panel and a working session to prioritize and concretize ideas, the “GM Services” team reports back to NELCO 2014 about their work on what services would be valuable to LARP GMs.

This is part 9 of 10 for the NELCO 2014 Panels & Presentations series.