A look at the differences and similarities of US and non-US LARPs.  In this presentation from NELCO 2014, Erik Trinkl talks about his experience with German LARPs and Mega-LARPs, and Canada’s Bicolline.  He contrasts them with US LARPs, and talks about some of the misconceptions that persist about LARP outside the US.

Slides for “Introduction to Foreign LARP”


Original Event Description:

Presentation by Erik Trinkl

In this presentation, I wish to introduce some general aspects of foreign LARPs, particularly medieval fantasy LARP. There are many stereotypes, myths and misconceptions about foreign LARPs, for example the term

“European-style” . The internet permits anybody to access and view pictures and videos on foreign LARPs. However, much of the media about LARP on the internet is in different languages and American LARPers cannot associate themselves with what is presented without previous experience.

While I grew up in Germany, I was a vivid LARPer there. I maintained several important connections in the German LARP scene which include the largest LARP magazine, LARP-Zeit, the German Liveroleplaying Association and other organization. I have visited mega-events in the past; Bicolline (Canada), Drachenfest and Newe Order – prequel to Conquest of Mythodea (Germany). So far, I have been reporting and writing articles primarily for LARP-Zeit.

This presentation is intended to give a closer insight on foreign LARPs. Of course, North-American LARP is different to foreign LARPs, but not many people have experienced foreign LARPs. I will utilize illustrations, statistics and other materials to show the current developments of LARP primarily in Germany.


This is part 6 of 10 for the NELCO 2014 Panels & Presentations series.