Since LARP Out of Character started last year, I have been waiting for youtube to have collected enough data on video viewers to compile demographic information on who is watching.  As you might have guessed, we just passed that mark.  Up until now I have been able to view where view come from (Mostly the US, but other top countries are: UK, Canada, New Zealand, Poland, Germany, Australia, Netherlands), but now as you can see there are age and gender data available as well.

Demographics 20150429

25.5%of viewers are women, 74.5% are men

At non-larp focused gaming conventions I attend the gender demographics are skewed (old statistics put GenCon at 18% in 2006), but I was a little surprised by 25/75 breakdown, since in my LARP community the ratio is about 45% women, 55% men.   It had always been my impression that LARPing didn’t have as great a skew as other forms of gaming.

Looking at it a little further, age does play into this, with the skew becoming more pronounced in older viewers.  The youngest age bracket (13-17) was close to 50-50 which the oldest age bracket for which there were any viewers (45-54) was exclusively men.

Here is how it broke down:

  • 13-17  F:  3.5%  M:  3.6%
  • 18-24 F:  7.9%  M:  18.0%
  • 25-34 F:  8.2%  M:  30.0%
  • 35-44 F:  4.9%  M:  17.0%
  • 45-54 F:  0.0%  M:   6.1%

One other thing to note – US viewers are notably older than the non-US viewers.  This shift is even more marked when you consider that the demographics from the US make up about 70% of the global figures.

  • 13-17  US:    0.0%  Global:  7.1%
  • 18-24 US:  23.0%  Global:  25.9%
  • 25-34 US:  42.0%  Global:  38.2%
  • 35-44 US:  27.0%  Global:  21.9%
  • 45-54 US:    8.1%  Global:    6.1%

How do these demographics sit with you?  Is the ratio right for your LARP group?