Over the course of the New England LARP Conference, starting Saturday morning, NELCO ran a Build Your Own Game (BYOG) workshop. Whether you’ve never written a game, or are an experienced author, BYOG is a great time, and a great way to learn new techniques.   To kick-off the workshop, Jeff ran a LARP Writing 101 session, and laid out the basics how to construct a theater LARP, introduced some of the challenges and discussed 12 Rules for LARP Writing.

Here are the slides for “So You Want to Write a LARP”

This is part 1 of 10 for the NELCO 2014 Panels & Presentations series.


19 APR 16:  I am excited that the New Zealand LARP Writing Workshop Tuhituhi has recommended this presentation as a good place to get started / prepare for their workshop.  I hope they will share a summary of the results in the comments.