The experience of LARPing is very personal, with each person having a different litany of experiences and taking different things away from any given game and away from LARPing as a whole. For the second piece of the NELCO 2013 series, I wanted to address a question that has been floating around in the theater LARP community for a while: Is LARP a type of game or an art form?

Out of Character went to NELCO – a theater-style LARP (Live Action RolePlaying) conference run by NEIL, the folks behind Intercon. We asked LARPers and LARP creators if they thought of LARP as a game or a form of art, and what they though of the community wide discussion on the topic. This video captures some of the themes that emerged in their answers.

Where do you come down on this question of LARP as game or art?

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