With Intercon N, and it’s discursive companion pre-con, coming up this week, I am hoping to do a very light research project.  The goal is to talk to LARPers and find out what topics or issues are most on their mind, with an eye to what kind of questions I might pose in future interviews.  The format of the NELCO 2013 Series was not my intended format for Out of Character, but a pilot series.  The hope is to do longer format interviews with LARPers that can get into depth on their background, experience and thoughts.  The practicalities of this will be a little challenging, and I have a bunch of content from the NELCO series to post before I start on that, but it seems smart to gather up topics of interest from the grand collection of LARPers at Intercon N.

So, what questions would you like to see put to LARPers?