To get a start on listening to how LARPers talk about their hobby, I attended the New England LARP Conference.  NELCO is a small weekend conference that attracts players and creators of theater-style LARPs with panels, workshops, lots of social time and a chance to build a LARP in a single weekend.

Now posted: Andy, Laura, and Kevin answer three LARP questions

The process was simple:  NELCO attendees were asked if they would like to talk on camera about three topics:

  1. How do you define LARP?
    And, how would you explain it to someone who had never heard about it?
  2. Is LARP a type of game or an art form?
  3. What makes a good LARP character?

These were open ended questions, and each person brought their own interpretation of the question, and their own point of view, to the answer.

The answers to each question will be collected into a video – one video per question.  Even though my goal is to capture the essence and themes of the answers I got, a lot needs to get cut to produce a short video on each question.  I want the thoughts and comments of each of these LARPs to be shared, so I will also post each complete interview.

“In the Chair” Complete LARPer Interviews:

  1. Andy
  2. Laura
  3. Kevin
  4. Vik
  5. Alex
  6. Chris
  7. Michael
  8. Thomas
  9. Lily
  10. Tory
  11. Sparrow
  12. Melanie


Playlist of all the NELCO 2013 videos